12 Tháng Mười, 2016

Cấp độ


Basic level (level zero):
At the basic level, the fundamental principles of reading, writing and speaking English are taught. The focus is primarily on proper pronunciation of English words and introducing oneself while developing the ability to form simple sentences and have basic conversations. During this level, your vocabulary will reach 750 words and you will learn how to engage in proper introductions and ask common questions in English-speaking societies.

The Elementary level is intended to teach you the vocabulary necessary to communicate effectively in English. Different types of vocabulary will be covered; such as the names of famous places and cities around the world; different types of food; how to use sequence adverbs to give instructions; how to ask questions and get to know people; using the correct verb tenses for past, present and future; and how to correctly employ adjectives in writing and speaking without falling victim to common language mistakes. Your vocabulary will reach 2,500 words through discussing everyday topics like going shopping, going to restaurants, traveling, work and family.

At the intermediate level, you will learn how to more fluidly express yourself through discussing topics like health and relationships with people in their immediate environment and learn how to more precisely express emotions. You will also delve into the rules of English grammar by learning all of the terms and when to use each grammar structure. Additionally, there will be a focus on learning how to speak, read and write complex thoughts by examining subjects like science, health, entertainment and social issues. You will be able to increase your vocabulary to 4,500 words and solidify your knowledge of English language structures in order to be able to have natural conversations with native English speakers.

Advanced Level:
Once you have reached the advanced level, the emphasis is on discussing complex ideas in both formal and non-formal ways in the manner of a native speaker. Reading, writing and speaking skills will be further sharpened through the discussion of subjects ranging from politics, law, medicine, economics and the sciences. Special attention will be given to incorporating less common words into the student’s vocabulary in order to be able to talk about complicated issues with the goal of reaching an expansive vocabulary of 6,000 words. You will also learn how to be able to distinguish between different dialects and accents of the English language swiftly and flawlessly.

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